Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weigh in day .. a little late

Well today is a day after my usual weigh in day but I forgot all about it before I left yesterday morning.

Good news again! I now come in at 89.1kgs!!

So ... only 4.1kgs until I'm 85kgs! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

Eventually I will get until 70kgs, but that's a bit into the future. And I'm sure I'll have a bunch of obstacles rearing their ugly heads first as well. So for now, I'm pretty darn happy with the weigh ins at the moment.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh In Day

Well it's my first proper weigh in for 2012.

I say that because my last weigh in wasn't a whole week, and was straight after my trip o/s. So a week of good eating has gone by and I come in at.... 90.2kgs!

Soooo close to the 80s again that I can SMELL IT!! ... not that I'm excited about it at all ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back from holidays

Well I am back from holidays! Woohoo!!

I had a gorgeous time abroad, sitting on a tropical island sipping Mojitos.

Obviously the diet suffered. I went into the trip with so much optimism that I would be able to work with whatever I was given, etc, etc. Little did I know...

As I travelled in a large group (nine of us) food decisions were mostly made together. And I had NO idea how bread-focused everyone is! OMG... that was the biggest surprise of all. "As long as we have bread we are fine" is the attitude I faced. And who am I to tell them otherwise? I did go and buy 'better' bread (not fluffy white junk) but if I hadn't eaten it at all, I would have starved. Seriously. AND I would be considered selfish and rude to boot.

In all fairness, no-one knows I am following any kind of eating regimen. Barely anyone has noticed the 12kgs or so I had lost (past tense). But seriously, am I in the minority in not eating bread??? I've never been big on bread, even when I thought it was a perfectly healthy food. And I've had so much bread it's made me feel uneasy. And in true off-the-wagon style, I took the opportunity to have smoothies and cakes and lollies ;)

So, I got back and weighed myself the following morning - I gained 2.1kgs while away, and came in at 92kgs.

This morning, after a week of being back, I weighed it at 91.3kgs - so I've lost 700g of the gain. Fantabulous! And I've only been back on plan since Monday :)

So here's looking to recover my previous achievements and surpass them!!