Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back from holidays

Well I am back from holidays! Woohoo!!

I had a gorgeous time abroad, sitting on a tropical island sipping Mojitos.

Obviously the diet suffered. I went into the trip with so much optimism that I would be able to work with whatever I was given, etc, etc. Little did I know...

As I travelled in a large group (nine of us) food decisions were mostly made together. And I had NO idea how bread-focused everyone is! OMG... that was the biggest surprise of all. "As long as we have bread we are fine" is the attitude I faced. And who am I to tell them otherwise? I did go and buy 'better' bread (not fluffy white junk) but if I hadn't eaten it at all, I would have starved. Seriously. AND I would be considered selfish and rude to boot.

In all fairness, no-one knows I am following any kind of eating regimen. Barely anyone has noticed the 12kgs or so I had lost (past tense). But seriously, am I in the minority in not eating bread??? I've never been big on bread, even when I thought it was a perfectly healthy food. And I've had so much bread it's made me feel uneasy. And in true off-the-wagon style, I took the opportunity to have smoothies and cakes and lollies ;)

So, I got back and weighed myself the following morning - I gained 2.1kgs while away, and came in at 92kgs.

This morning, after a week of being back, I weighed it at 91.3kgs - so I've lost 700g of the gain. Fantabulous! And I've only been back on plan since Monday :)

So here's looking to recover my previous achievements and surpass them!!

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