Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weigh in day

It's Wednesday and that means it's weigh in day. Yay!!!

I'm down to 90.9kgs!!!!!!!!!!! That's a loss of 1.5kgs this week!

Only 1kg until the 80s! It's a huge milestone for me. Not the end by a long shot (can't wait until I enter the 70s!) but it's still an achievement. Yay!

Saturday I ate:
Half a tuna pattie (tuna, egg, grated cheese, herbs and spices) with ranch dressing
Bought Chinese food - I had the veggies, some breaded chilli chicken (tried to pick the breading off), satay chicken skewers and beef and broccoli

Sunday I ate:

Monday I ate:
Protein shake
Shepherd's pie
Caesar salad (bought)

Tuesday I ate:
Protein shake
Shepherd's pie
Glass of white wine

Today I ate:
1 1/2 Protein shake
Chicken wrap (in wheat wrap)
3tsp cream

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