Thursday, November 17, 2011


So no good news this week. Not only did I not have a loss, but I had a 200g GAIN!!

Of course there is a good reason - at the Hen's Night on Saturday I had lots to drink, including in sugary cocktails, I ate biscuits and chips, and everything else. Then the following day I had left over chips and orange chocolate liqueur log. And other chocolates.

I got back on track Monday which is excellent. But yes, I do have to pay for those two days. It sucks.

I really did hope that this weight loss would move along a lot faster. It's really quite disappointing.

Why is it going so slow? Why? :(

So you know what I ate on Saturday and Sunday

Protein drink
Lamb veggie soup
Small serving burrito meat with tomato and sour cream

Protein drink
Shepherd's pie

Protein drink
Beef stroganoff
Small serving shepherd's pie

Protein drink
Burrito mix with tomato and sour cream and cheese
Piece of bacon and half a tomato

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