Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well after quite a few weeks with less-than-fantastic results, this morning I came in at 86.2kgs! That's a whole kilo down! Sooooo very happy!!

On the topic from last post, I'm still receiving comments on my weight loss. Two today, and two yesterday, alone. What do you say to that? Some people have been discreet, others yell "HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT?" across the corridors at work. Seriously, how do I react to that? Have a lengthy conversation yelling back across the corridor?

And the other issue... it may just be me but I honestly feel that discussing weight loss is the same as discussing a boob job. Ie. only with close friends and/or immediate family. That's it. It's not open for discussion with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Is that strange? Why do so many people seem to see this issue different to me?

And then the THIRD thing (hehehehe) is that I don't look like I have lost any weight! I can see my tummy isn't sticking out quite so much, but that's it. And the baggy uniform we wear at work should cover that up. So what are people noticing?????

And back to happier topics, the scale is moving the way I want it to :) I cheated a bit and had an early weigh-in yesterday morning... and I came in 400g higher than this morning! The change I made in response was I didn't have a Labrada drink yesterday at all. Not one. It was seriously hard - it's a great meal to have on the go when you're as busy as I am, and it satisfies any sweet cravings - but I did it. I don't know if that's the reason my weight was good this morning. Oh the other thing I have changed is I've seriously cut down my tomato consumption this week. I think it may have been getting a bit high. Can you say 'bolognese sauce with cheese'? I can... MmmMmmmMmmm ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hmmm disappointing

I must say, I've been getting lots of comments from people about my weight loss recently. And each time I don't know what to say!

I'm sure everyone is just trying to be nice and thinks they're saying something complimentary, but it still strikes me as a really personal topic. I mean, isn't it like asking if someone has had a boob job?

Anyway, I've been lying and saying that I haven't noticed any weigh loss and my clothes fit the same. But thanking them for their comment all the same.

Of course in actual fact, I'm weighing in every week and I'm wearing a size down in my work uniform shirt. Wish I owned a size down in the pants, because every time I put something heavy in the pockets, they start to slip down.

So anyway, weigh in results.

So after spending a week listening to people commenting on my weight loss, and feeling nice and thin, I weighed in... I'm down 100g.

OK so it's not a gain, so that's good. But I must admit I was expecting something slightly more exciting. I was actually hoping for a whole kilo this time! ... but it wasn't to be.

I can't put the small loss down to anything specific either. I've been eating and drinking just fine. On Tuesday night I had to eat out because of too many appointments to get to, so I bought a lamb kebab and I ate around the bread. That should be fine, right? Unless they put something shifty in the garlic sauce.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

General update

Just hanging around today. My plans today were cancelled last minute.

So I'm listening to Good Calories, Bad Calories. I bought the text version a few years ago, and got about 1/3 of the way through, but that's it. It's a hard read. I'm finding the audio book much easier to get through so far. This is a seriously fascinating book!!

Today I ate:
Lamb bolognese with tons of mushrooms and mexican spices instead of Italian spices, and cheese on top
Chicken & prawn curry I'm planning...

Yesterday I ate:
B - Labrada drink
L - Chicken & prawn curry
D - Onion and tomato egg scramble

The day before I ate:
B - Labrada drink
L - Chicken burrito filling
D - Tuna patties with caesar dressing and stir fried green beans

I haven't done any purely cardio exercise this year, I've been putting it off. I'm getting my energy back after my holidays though (when I OD'd on bread) so that is an awesome sign.

So in the mean time, I've been regularly going to either resistance/weights training, yoga, pilates and circuit training. Three times each and every week. It's fun :) I don't always feel like going when I'm on my way, but I always feel a bazillion times better afterwards.

I know I said my next min-goal is 85kgs but really it's 80kgs. My mind works better with decades ;)

Here's hoping this week's weigh in is a good one. I've been feeling much thinner the last few days

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weigh in

Alright so I have to update you on my little cheat last week.... it was worth it! I weighed in on Thursday (after a BM) and I came in at 87.9kgs. Not a huge loss, but it's a loss! I am happy :)

And even better this week! This morning I came in at 87.3kgs. That's a total loss so far of 15.9kgs!

Again, not a huge loss this week, but I'm sooo happy it's a loss.

I must admit I held a part on Saturday night and had countless Mojitos. Yum! I was able to get them made with:
Dark rum
Lemon juice
Fresh mint
Diet Coke

So not toooooooo bad.... but I honestly prepared myself for a gain. Oh and I also have TOM! It's been hanging around for 1.5 weeks... which is very unusual for me. I'm usually very regular. So this is strange and worth noting.

So I've got a long TOM and reduced BMs. I'm also much thirstier than usual (but that's probably because it's summer lol).

I don't feel like I have lost anything over the past fortnight. I just don't feel thinner. But I'm happy the scale has gone down 800g in that time, and even when I've been doing resistance training.

So, here's hoping things improve over the next week. I'm due for a bit of a whoosh! :))))

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in result

Well it's my first weigh in when I'm not particularly excited. I didn't gain weight, thankfully... but I didn't lose either. Came in at 88.1kgs again this morning.

I'm not unhappy about it, it's definitely much better than gaining, but it makes you look back at the past week and see if there was anything that could be improved.

There are a few things that could be possibilities...

1. TOM is on its way - spotting has begun, just waiting for it to properly arrive
2. I had Chinese on Friday ... and although I didn't have any rice or spring rolls, the veggies I had, had goop on them (which was probably made from cornstarch. In my defence, I did order stir fried and without goop, but I got goop)
3. I have introduced coconut oil to my diet for the first time, and had about 2tsp three times in the past week. Now the theory says this shouldn't result in any kind of weight gain, but it may be that my body is trying to adjust to this new food
4. I've been upping the resistance training and maybe I am gaining muscle
5. I've had several good weigh ins in a row, so it's only natural for my body to have a break every so often
6. I haven't had a BM in around 4 days

Who knows what the reason is. I can only hope that if I continue to eat well this week, I might have a better result next week :)

... ok and a slight cheat on my part... I'm going to do a mini weigh in tomorrow morning (had a BM tonight finally!)... it might still be the same, but I'm crossing my fingers my small dinner (calorie dense of course, just small in weight) might push it in my favour so I can get that excited feeling again. Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good again

Well I could certainly get used to this... a good weigh in again today! I hope it keeps being good results :)

I came in at 88.1kgs today - which is 1kg down from last week. Woohoo!!

This week I have been trying to make sure that I really get a good amount of fat in because I've read quite extensively that it really gets the weight loss going.

My clothes are a little bit looser, but not that much. No-one around me has commented on any weight loss either. But it'll come :)

I kind of like it staying away at the moment, because people commenting on me can make me self consious.

Have a great week!!