Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well after quite a few weeks with less-than-fantastic results, this morning I came in at 86.2kgs! That's a whole kilo down! Sooooo very happy!!

On the topic from last post, I'm still receiving comments on my weight loss. Two today, and two yesterday, alone. What do you say to that? Some people have been discreet, others yell "HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT?" across the corridors at work. Seriously, how do I react to that? Have a lengthy conversation yelling back across the corridor?

And the other issue... it may just be me but I honestly feel that discussing weight loss is the same as discussing a boob job. Ie. only with close friends and/or immediate family. That's it. It's not open for discussion with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Is that strange? Why do so many people seem to see this issue different to me?

And then the THIRD thing (hehehehe) is that I don't look like I have lost any weight! I can see my tummy isn't sticking out quite so much, but that's it. And the baggy uniform we wear at work should cover that up. So what are people noticing?????

And back to happier topics, the scale is moving the way I want it to :) I cheated a bit and had an early weigh-in yesterday morning... and I came in 400g higher than this morning! The change I made in response was I didn't have a Labrada drink yesterday at all. Not one. It was seriously hard - it's a great meal to have on the go when you're as busy as I am, and it satisfies any sweet cravings - but I did it. I don't know if that's the reason my weight was good this morning. Oh the other thing I have changed is I've seriously cut down my tomato consumption this week. I think it may have been getting a bit high. Can you say 'bolognese sauce with cheese'? I can... MmmMmmmMmmm ;)

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