Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in result

Well it's my first weigh in when I'm not particularly excited. I didn't gain weight, thankfully... but I didn't lose either. Came in at 88.1kgs again this morning.

I'm not unhappy about it, it's definitely much better than gaining, but it makes you look back at the past week and see if there was anything that could be improved.

There are a few things that could be possibilities...

1. TOM is on its way - spotting has begun, just waiting for it to properly arrive
2. I had Chinese on Friday ... and although I didn't have any rice or spring rolls, the veggies I had, had goop on them (which was probably made from cornstarch. In my defence, I did order stir fried and without goop, but I got goop)
3. I have introduced coconut oil to my diet for the first time, and had about 2tsp three times in the past week. Now the theory says this shouldn't result in any kind of weight gain, but it may be that my body is trying to adjust to this new food
4. I've been upping the resistance training and maybe I am gaining muscle
5. I've had several good weigh ins in a row, so it's only natural for my body to have a break every so often
6. I haven't had a BM in around 4 days

Who knows what the reason is. I can only hope that if I continue to eat well this week, I might have a better result next week :)

... ok and a slight cheat on my part... I'm going to do a mini weigh in tomorrow morning (had a BM tonight finally!)... it might still be the same, but I'm crossing my fingers my small dinner (calorie dense of course, just small in weight) might push it in my favour so I can get that excited feeling again. Wish me luck!!!

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