Friday, September 30, 2011

Confession Time

I have a confession to make... I am 100% addicted to the lc shepherd's pie. Ohhhh it'sssss soooooo gooooooooooood. Mmmmmmmm

So I have lots of it. I am completely surprised I haven't got sick of it yet - I usually get sick of the same foods pretty quickly.

On the weight loss changes, I can feel my double chin is getting smaller! Woooo!!! This is easily more exciting than any other body part :)

None (worked late today)

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Chicken & prawn curry
Shepherd's pie
3 tsp cream

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sick Day

Well I wasn't too well today. I got up and went to work but left around 11am with a stomach ache. Not fun at all!

I spent my time at home sitting on my bean bag watching Days of Our Lives.

I expected a few friends to come over around 5.30pm for dinner and to go over the plans we have for a Hen's Night in November.

I made heaps of food, bought salad and everything (all while feeling like death) and then two of them cancelled because it was raining. Seriously?!

So myself and the one person that did show up, did all the planning together.

Other than that, nothing much has changed. I'm still happy about my weight loss result yesterday!


Today I ate:
1/2 protein drink
2 x servings of shepherd's pie

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


OK so today was weigh in day. I sat for a few seconds before getting on the scales, mentally preparing for the possibility that the number might be disappointing.

I slowly stepped on those scales, one foot, then the other. Waited a couple of seconds for the number to stop flicking. And there it was.... 96.9kgs!

That's a decent loss!!!

I'm so ecstatic about it today!

So the rest of the day was pretty good. A slight hiccup was when I couldn't get home for dinner before I had to head to yoga. I ended up at a friend's for dinner instead. He was kind enough to offer to make something, so what would I like... would I like veggies cooked with rice in the rice cooker, or would I prefer noodles? Hmmm...

And I feel like a stick in the mud if I mention any dietary stuff.

So I looked in the fridge, I saw diced bacon, found the eggs, found some veggies and onion, and ... success! I had a make-do lc meal :)


Today I ate:
1/2 Protein drink
Zucchini, pork and pesto bake
Egg, bacon and veggie scramble

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today was a SUCCESSFUL day!!!

I was wrapped up in nerves for much of the day. I had seeeerious cravings for Supreme Cheese Doritos. I mean seeeeeeeeeeerious.

But, I resisted. And I am better for it. I don't need that junk. What positive thing has it ever done for me?

That's only one of my successes today though... the other one is, I did my speech this evening and it went really well!

My gauge to indicate whether or not one's speech went over well, is if people are asking one about the CONTENT of the speech, in the intermission or at the end of the day. And so many people did!!

I also got lots of compliments about it being a great speech, and that I obviously put a lot of time and research into it - which I did. Two months' worth. But, I think talking about the content of my speech is what really puts it over the line to me. Because then I know they are listening to me, not analysing my presentation skills.


Thanks for sharing this success with me today :)

None, other than pacing up and down every corridor I could find today

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Rest of yesterday's stir fry which was a mix of veggies (cabbage, green beans, mushrooms) with chopped prociutto & bacon, and a touch of soy sauce - I had these left overs mostly at lunch and then the small remainder at dinner
I also had a glass of white wine to calm my nerves.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Public speaking and nerves

Well it was a typical Monday today. Everything was much the same, except for the fact I spent the majority of the night rehearsing my speech for tomorrow.

So nervous!

I practiced in front of a mirror this time, which is really useful to find something else to do with one's hands - other than to clasp them at the front, grip your notes or have them unnaturally sit completely still by your sides.

What else does this sort of thing bring up though? For those of us with a decent amount (or even a little) of weight to lose??? The fact that we have to over-emphasise some of our gestures, so they can be clearly seen.

I noticed that some of my gestures, while they feel like a decent movement, can't be seen so well past my stomach or my flabby arms. I don't mean that in a depreciating kind of way, but it's a visual fact. If you only move your arms a short distance away from you, the audience may not see it because they can't see the background between you and your arm.

So, yet another reason to keep me going! My presentations will be better :)

Kinesis - and a hard slog today too!

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Zucchini, pork and pesto bake
Stir fried veggies with prociutto and bacon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Very very proud of myself

Well I told you yesterday how I was concerned that my sugar intake yesterday would balloon into a several-day (or longer!) sugar feast! ... I am proud to say that with quite a lot of willpower, I have managed to stave off going off track.

Soooo proud of myself! This is a HUGE step for me!

I can't say I haven't had cravings though, I have unfortunately. But I have resisted and straight back on plan.

I really need to lose this weight.


Today I ate:
Two eggs and a piece of bacon
Chicken, beans and mushroom curry with salad
Veggie soup with lamb

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Theatre Restaurant

What an awesome night!! I went to a theatre restaurant tonight to celebrate a friend's birthday, and it was such an amazing show!!

It wasn't so great on the diet front though. Coupled with yesterday's no-nos (the naan and milk, and possibly the sauces in the Indian foods) I added a cocktail and dessert today.

I'm trying with all my might to make sure this doesn't lead to a downward slope like it usually does. I've been craving sweets for a couple of days now, and so far they haven't overcome me. I need to keep strong!


Today I ate:
Three eggs with leftover kebab meat from Thursday
Caesar salad sans croutons
Some pumpkin soup (about 1/3 of the bowl)
Creamy cocktail ... bad for the carbs
Steak with salad - I left the mash on the plate
Caramel dessert - I ate this in full...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daria Marathon!

I had lots of fun today! After work, which was a drag with people calling in sick (again! ... different people to yesterday though) and having to juggle 100 things yet again, I went to the gym and then home for Daria Marathon Part 2.

We watched all of Season 2. It's funny how Daria is still just as good as it was when I watched it yeeeears ago when it was still being made. STILL JUST AS GOOD! ;)


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Shepherd's pie
Egg and bacon w tomato sauce
Mixture of Indian meats, and one slice of cottage cheese stuffed naan
A glass of milk (the Indian was hot!)
SF sprite with a touch of scotch

I didn't end up finish the drink because not one... but two! ... bugs decided to drown themselves in it. Seriously?! I have no idea why they did that...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thirsty Day

Boy today was such a thirsty day!! I have no idea how many bottles of water I drank today, but there were many!

I guess that means I'm doing something right - eating lc can make people thirstier because we're not withholding the water from carbs. So I feel accomplished :)

One thing that hasn't been improving though - I'm feeling a bit weaker these days. I thought I was supposed to be feeling stronger. Not weaker. I don't understand it.

Gym stick

Today I ate:
1/2 protein drink
Sausage stroganoff
1/2 lamb kebab

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ho Hum

Weigh in day way today. Six days after my last official weigh in, because I was a day late then. I have lost 400g.

Ok, ok, so at least it's a loss. I'm happy about that. But I really expected more. I didn't expect to be losing small amounts until I was closer to 80kgs.

So yeah, that's today's news.

And yoga bums me out sometimes - purely because there are things I can't do due to my size. I can't always sweep my legs underneath me because they bump on my flabs; can't always lean over (not because I'm not flexible enough); etc.


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Small serving of lc shepherd's pie
Protein drink
Lamb and veggie soup
Small amount of stevia-sweetened hot chocolate with milk

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well today was ok. Bit mediocre.

I went to work and the day completely dragged - at least I was productive and got a lot done though. Had my osteo appointment to help my sore ankle (have I mentioned that already?), then my eyelash extension appointment was cancelled so I spent time on my next Toastmasters speech, and then went to a committee meeting.

That was the day. Not particularly exciting, hey.

The most exciting thing, and it isn't very, is that I currently have a pot on the stove on a super-low temperature, heating lamb neck with veggies. Fingers crossed it works out ok! I've never slow cooked anything before!

None (again! Had too many appointments after work)

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Lc shepherd's pie
50g smoked salmon

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well I'm disheartened today.

I did something I shouldn't have, I'll admit. I weighed in this morning. It's not weigh in day, it's only 4 days after last weigh in. But I did it all the same. So, I weighed in at 98.5kgs. That's no change whatsoever. I would have liked at least 200g or so.

And now, even though I'm writing this in the morning (8.53am to be exact), I'm having all sorts of cravings. I haven't had my protein drink for brekky yet.

I'm thinking it's the milk in my tea - I use my tea sweetened with stevia as my cravings buster. But maybe it's just keeping me fat.

I've been dreaming quite heavily lately about how I will feel at a lower weight. Trying to get over the anxiety I felt last time I lost a lot of weight, so that it can stick this time. And for what, so I don't ever get there? Depressing...

I'm already anxious about speaking tonight, tomorrow and then doing a full length public speech next Tuesday. I know it's a sword with two edges, and the other edge is a good one, but at the moment all I can feel is the bad edge. Which sword is that? The one where I stand out to people.

I like standing out sometimes, because I usually get heard and people ask my opinions (of which I have many) but the other side is that I can't blend in if I try. I'm often getting thrust into situations where I feel quite out of my depth, simply because people think I'm capable. Which is good for my life, but bad for my nerves.

My theory on weight gain is that I somehow got the idea that if I got fat, that I would miraculously blend into the background or people would stop counting on me for stuff. Well that didn't work. It's probably a combination of me still standing out for some absurd reason I can't control, and the fact I am now used to having my say so I just get it on in there.

I think it's more the first point though. Because even when I am sitting several rows back in a crowd, I am still picked out by people to say something. Even if I avoid eye contact, wear black and I'm not saying a word.

As I said, I recognise this is a two-edged sword. But my nerves right now are shot. Tonight after work I have to go and either give Evaluations of speeches, or instruct newbies on how to do this. I've never done one before in my life! But people assume I have! Something about me.

Anyway, onto business...


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Fish, fennel and bacon pie with cauliflower mash on top

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Domestic Goddess

What a Domestic Goddess I have been today! Cooked, cleaned, and caught up on trash tv. I looooove my Sundays.

Today I cooked Sausage stroganoff and lc shepherd's pie. MMMmmmm I haven't had any of them yet, but I will for lunch at work over the course of the week.


Today I ate:
Leftover kebab meat with tomato and eggs (I'm getting sick of kebab meat, no matter how yummy it is)
Garlic prawns with fried zucchini and celery

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well I saw two very disturbing movies today - both disturbing for their own reasons.

First I saw Hobo With a Shotgun, a typical slasher film (though admittedly higher quality than your standard b-grade) and the The Room, a film that came with an instruction sheet and free plastic spoons. Hmmmm...

I recommend both of these :)

On the weight loss front, I've noticed my pee smells different. I'm going to say it's a good thing, because it means I am changing my body. Yay!

Today I ate:
Bacon and eggs with tomato
Chilli con carne with bacon and cheese (made for my by my lovely fiance, he had his with rice)
And diet coke - I don't usually mention beverages here, but I don't usually drink diet soft drinks either. It's usually either water, tea or coffee. But the movies didn't finish until 1am so I needed the soft drink to keep me awake. Boy did I make tons of trips to the loo!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today dragged

Today seriously dragged. I thought it wouldn't because today I got up early enough to bake the pie pictured - a fish, fennel and bacon pie. Mmmmm

Then I could potter around the house a bit and then head to work. Finish at 8pm and still have time to myself.

Well work was the busiest but longest day ever. Seriously. I could have walked out to go home at any time, if I were able.

But, now that that's over and I'm home. I have time to check in here to report back.

My achievement for today is my buttoned uniform shirt at work wasn't as tight as usual. Yay! Usually it's quite tight which is really hard to sit in due to the buttons. But it is getting a slight bit of sag across the front. Wooho!!!!


Today I ate:
Bacon, eggs and tomato
Protein drink
Leek and parsnip soup

(I tried my best not to have a protein drink today - I don't think it's good to have the same thing over and over again, no matter what it is - but no such luck. Work was so busy I didn't get a break so I just slammed down the drink)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

Well today was just as busy as it has been for the past few weeks. Went to work, then straight to the gym, then rushed in a quick dinner and meditation began. THEN off to the supermarket, quickly stopped by my parents to pick up a few things, and eventually home just before 11pm.


I need this pace to end. Thank goodness tomorrow I don't start work until 12noon, which will give me the morning to potter around the house.

My target meal for tomorrow is a Fish, Fennel & Bacon pie, courtesy of

You know how yesterday I reported my weight loss, which I'm still over the moon about, I think the two places I notice it are the lower part of my stomach and my double chin. Both are significantly smaller in my eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing it continue!

Gym Stick resistance training

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Chicken and prawn curry
Chicken kebab with salad

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So I actually remembered to wake up and weigh in this morning. That is an achievement in itself. Right? ;)

My weigh in had some pretty good news - I weighed in at 98.5kgs this morning!!

8 days ago, I weighed in at 103.2kgs and today I am 4.7kgs lighter.

That is SUCH a relief. I was a bit worried that the fact I am not counting coffee or tea or counting anything really, would affect me. If I had a bad weigh in today I honestly wouldn't know what I would do with myself. I'm feeling so happy at the moment.

Alright, alright, I'll be honest with myself. The weight loss is probably due to two major things - water weight is always lost at the start (I definitely not 'puffy' anymore) and I had my TOM last week so I was probably holding even more water because of that. But... I'm still over the moon!!


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Fish, egg and spring onion mix with broccoli and cauliflower (large enough serving for some at lunch and the rest after yoga)
Protein drink

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flat out day

Well today was so completely flat out.

I woke up completely disorientated - I had no idea what day it was or why I was waking up. And late, did I mention I was late? I got stuck behind soooo many drivers going 15kms under the speed limit (wtf?), caught every possible railway crossing, and when I finally did get to work, people were sick and left in the morning which left me for the afternoon. Booo!

So no, I didn't weigh in. Waking up late and disorientated are to blame. Not me, it's them. ;)

I'll have to weigh in tomorrow instead.

On a good note, straight after work and before my evening class, I went by the travel agent and purchased my tickets to Europe! Woohoo!!!!! I leave in December!

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Curried tuna lasagne
Leftover chicken and kebab meat with three eggs and some added veggies

Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, anticipation is all I've been feeling today. Why? Because tomorrow is the first weigh in for me!

The only thing I've been doing is logging my foods, cutting out junk and snacks, and I've tried to elimiate food groups. Being honest, eliminating food groups is sooooo much easier for me than 'eating less' of something. Or of everything.

And I had whisky tasting on the weekend.

All in all, it's hasn't been perfect. But, I'm so sick of waiting until a time when there wasn't something coming up that could slow me down, because I just never started! So I did, and it's not perfect, just as expected.

OK so now that I've made myself feel better with justifications, I'm back to ANTICIPATION.

I wonder what tomorrow morning's weigh in will bring....

Bootcamp style class at the gym

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Two serves (1.5 at lunch, other 0.5 when I get home from work) of chilli tuna and zucchini quiche. All homemade of course

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Domestic Day

Today has been a domestic day. Full of cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. I feel muuuuuuch better.

I was just going to cook a curried tuna lasagne using zucchini slices instead of pasta sheets. Then while I was at the supermarket I saw the ingredients for leek and parsnip soup and then when I had leftover zucchini and tuna from the lasagne, I added some eggs and herbs and have a tuna and zucchini quiche as well. Win!

My only step back is that I honestly don't feel like I'm any sort of diet. Eating is great! But the downside of that is I don't always have my guard up. What does that mean? It means the curried tuna lasagne has flour in it. I completely forgot that I should be substituting xanthan gum for the thickening aspect that recipes use flour for. So, over two lasagnes there are four tablespoons of flour in it.

I'm not going to beat myself up over it, and I'm not going to avoid eating it. I'm going to accept that I'm having about 1/3 tablespoons of flour in each serving. I'm eating it. I'll just have to remember next time (this recipe is definitely going to be repeated).


Today I ate:
Leftover chicken and prawn curry
Leek and parsnip soup
Curried tuna lasagne
Boiled broccoli on the side for dinner

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whisk(e)y tasting

I went whisky tasting today. It was so much fun! It was a course where they taught us the differences between casks and how those differences influence what the whisy tastes like - eg. the casks previously held sherry or bourbon (and they are now storing scotch), etc.

Whisky is zero carb! Just so you know ;)
It does interrupt weight loss, but it wont make you gain any of the weight back like liqueurs and other alcohols can.

I've been youtubing and googling whisky tasting since I got home and a whole world is opening up for me.

I've always been a whisky appreciator, but I thought we didn't really exist. Maybe in Scotland or something, but not here. There are gazillions of wine tasting tours but whisky tasting is just unheard of. Or so I thought....

There are heaps of youtube videos, including Australian ones, and they are really good and welcoming to beginners like myself. It's not all stuffy and cliquey which was something I thought it might be. Woohoo!!

I'm considering joining up to the Whisky Club. You get a new bottle each month of something new. They tell you before you receive it what it is, so you can decide against receiving it if you like, but they also include a bit of an educational with each bottle. I'd have to share the bottle, no way would I drink anything close to a bottle a month. Perhaps a 1/4 bottle or less. Thankfully I have a fellow whisky appreciator so I'll see if he wants to split the bottles with me :)

So that's my news. I'm completely excited about this.

OH I almost forgot to add... I was worried at first about drinking scotch by itself. I know other people that can do this, but I'm not so good at it. Shock, horror, it turns out if you get a really good quality one it's quite easy. Who would have thought? hehehe

Exercise today:

Today I ate:
Omelette made out of leftover veggies from yesterday and leftover chicken kebab meat from dinner the day before (2 serves a few hours apart)
Whisky MmmmMmmMmmm .... approx 4-5shot glasses in total (each tasting is called a 'Dram')
Mixed chicken and lamb kebab meat with salad

Friday, September 9, 2011

Had a bit of a hungry day today but I survived :)

Funny thing that happened today, a woman at work was asking really weird questions. We've worked together for a few years now, and she's just started asking things like where I grew up, if I had brothers and sisters, and also what that drink was on my desk (my protein drink) and why I was drinking it. Of course I answered "because it's healthy"... I'd never mention it's because it's low carb or anything. That's kinda black listed for general talk.

I think the phrase should be changed from "one never discusses politics or religion" to "one never discusses politics, religion or carbs" lol

Kinesis (weight resistance)

Today I ate:
Protein drink
LC Shepherd's pie
Protein drink (only a little bit, I was starving by 6pm)
Lemon barramundi with broccoli and cabbage

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weird brain

What I am trying to do at the moment, is keep reminding myself that I am doing this to lose weight. I'm sure that sounds like the dumbest thing ever. I'm following a diet and weighing myself to monitor progress, of course I KNOW I'm trying to lose weight, right? Wrong. I have the weirdest brain sometimes.

I remember the last time I dieted I was always surprised when I saw the scale go down. And surprise become negative and therefore I would stop it.


I think it's because instead of focusing on the benefits I would get out of losing weight, I was focusing on the changes to my food and my lifestyle. While these are important, I have now learnt they come with the downside of overlooking the external physical changes.

I haven't lost any weight yet (not that I know of anyway, next weigh in day is Tuesday) but trying to make sure I get my head around the fact that these changes should be reflected in the way my body appears is my task at the moment.

I am sharing this with you in case your brain is just as weird as mine, and you need to get your head around this aspect of dieting as well. ;)

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Chicken & Prawn curry
Chicken kebab

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2

Finally I think the grumpiness is lifting. I'm feeling pretty happy today. About time!

I expected to feel carb cravings, which I have, just not too strong. It'll probably get stronger as the days go by. What I have found though, is that I feel hungry and full at the same time. Seriously, that shouldn't be possible, right?

I knew when I was arriving at work that I didn't pack enough food. What I didn't count on, was my backup plan of the charcoal chicken shop across the street, being closed. Nooooo!! Thankfully I brought a backup for my backup to work, an extra protein drink. So yes, they feature heavily in my menus at the moment. I'm sure I'll eventually wean myself off them, but that's something for the future (yes, another thing for the future lol)

Yoga - and a vigorous session too

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Curried eggs in lettuce wraps (the equivalent of around 3-4eggs) eaten throughout the day - homemade
Protein drink
Leek and parsnip soup - homemade

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grumpy Day #2

Well today I have been even more grumpy. This time it's with two of the people that are closest to me.

I don't want to go into what happened (same issue with both) and I don't know if I'm wrong or if they are wrong. But anyway...

It's also the second day of TOM this month so perhaps this isn't the best time to be starting anything, but I'm starting anyway! There will ALWAYS be a reason, right?

My dinner tonight, as you can see below, is prawn and chicken curry. It had lots of sauce left over. Yesterday I would have got out some bread and soaked it up. Today I have had to put a bit more thought into it. So, my current thought is I will boil some eggs and mash the sauce into them so I have curried eggs. Then I can give some to my housemate for sandwiches, and I can have some with lettuce. Yum!

Today I ate:
Protein drink
LC shepherd's pie
Chicken and prawn curry


Monday, September 5, 2011

Grumpy Day

Boy was I grumpy today! Not sure what set it off (probably TOM) but everything has been irritating me. Every time I got on the phone today, I got into a tiff with someone. Thankfully they were all call centre people and I will never see them in real life (sorry to you, if you were one of them!). lol

What a rush after work as well! So here I am, already irritable, and then my eyelash extension place called me to move my appointment to 2pm tomorrow. I work business hours so this was hard for me and the only option I got was either to move it, or lose the appointment.

So I had to move my eyelash tinting appointment (which I usually have right before getting my lash extensions in case it takes some lashes with it) to today between finishing work and getting to my bootcamp-style class at the gym at 6.30pm. Phew! Got it all done though... of course. You didn't doubt me, did you? ;)

Anyway, today is my final day of sugar I've decided so I'm finishing it off and going to be sugar- and grain-free from tomorrow.

I'll weigh in tomorrow and let you know my starting statistics.

Today I ate:
1/2 protein drink
Black forest chocolate - the whole block over the day
Twirl chocolate bar
Beef satay with rice (one serve at lunch and the rest for dinner)
Cherry Ripe
Boost sticks bar
Handful or more of Jelly Bellies

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I drove a friend of mine to see a psychic today. She was based in a town an hour or more from here. It was actually really fun, we went out for a big breakfast after (as you can see below).

I'm not sure if I believe in psychics, because I'm really not sure they can predict the future. I mean, how can one do that? I can understand that if you're a sensitive person, you could pick up on the energies of things past, but things that haven't happened yet??

All the same, I went and saw this same psychic a few weeks ago and everything she said would happen has happened so far. I did end up tripping and hurting my ankle, my cat did get in a fight and cut her eye, and I will be changing to another position within the same company towards the end of this year. So... I guess I can be swayed to somewhat believe, even if I don't quite understand.

Sadly she also said that I will struggle with my weight throughout my life, because it's my "barrier" from the world. So I've started going to a meditation group to see if I can somehow break down this barrier and let my true self shine through. I'll keep you posted on my progress, if there is any :)

Today I ate:
Big breakfast - one piece of toast, scrambled eggs, piece of bacon, two small sausages, homemade baked beans, sauted mushrooms.
One piece of toast with peanut butter.
Two cups of milk with honey.
Handful of Jelly Bellies.
Serving of homemade (by me!) lc shepherd's pie (yum!!)
Chocolate coated nougat bar.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Figure inspiration

Doesn't Kate Winslet look awesome in this picture! I'd love to look like her, even without the black portions enhancing her curves. She's just amazing.

There are quite a few famous people that give me inspiration when I think about how to look gorgeous but also strong at the same time. Looking like a waif simply doesn't interest me.

People like Kate of course, Jodie Foster, Geena Davis, Naomi Watts, Alison Hannigan, Lucy Lawless (don't laugh! she's fabulous!) and Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds.

Do you have any inspirational people?

Today I ate:
Leftover beef satay and rice
1/2 box of Chocolatier chocolates (the big box)
2/3 of a block of Aero mint chocolate
3 eggs on one piece of toast with tomato sauce
Spaghetti and meat balls (not very nice so mostly just polished off the meatballs)
A handful of Jelly Bellies

Friday, September 2, 2011

Power through and JFDI

There are some things that I just have to power through. There is no tip or trick or pill, I Just Fricken Do It (JFDI).

JDFI 1 - Plan my menu in advance to make the implementation easier
JDFI 2 - I feel like eating something other than what I am eating
JDFI 3 - I really can't be bothered and want something fast and easy

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Slice of carrot cake
Two dim sims (fried)
One potato cake
Shared Chinese food with friends - special fried rice, beef with vegies, sweet and sour pork and some chopped roasted chicken

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good day

Well today was quite a good day. It was still busy, the sickies haven't all come back to work yet, but otherwise it was good. I find I am eating less junk food as I mentioned the other day. That can only be a good thing, right?

I've been off from the gym this week - did you notice I hadn't reported any exercise? I hurt my ankle a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday I went and hurt my knees too. I mentioned that, right?

Anyway tomorrow is my first day back in 7 days so that's exciting! I'll still be cautious with my joints though, don't want to ruin a good thing.

Did some meditation today with a few others. Sooooo relaxing. It turned up something weird though ... it brought up an ex of mine from like 10 years ago. I don't know what to make of it. I know all the feels have long passed, so I can only think it's the fact the relationship ended up hurting me, that I am hung up on. I don't like being hurt (does anyone? lol)...

... anyway perhaps that is something I have to work on. Releasing my fear of being hurt again.

After I press post on this I will go to sleep and will see if I can explore it some more :)

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Beef satay and rice (a normal sized serving this time)
Two lines of mint chocolate
A large handful of jelly bellies