Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2

Finally I think the grumpiness is lifting. I'm feeling pretty happy today. About time!

I expected to feel carb cravings, which I have, just not too strong. It'll probably get stronger as the days go by. What I have found though, is that I feel hungry and full at the same time. Seriously, that shouldn't be possible, right?

I knew when I was arriving at work that I didn't pack enough food. What I didn't count on, was my backup plan of the charcoal chicken shop across the street, being closed. Nooooo!! Thankfully I brought a backup for my backup to work, an extra protein drink. So yes, they feature heavily in my menus at the moment. I'm sure I'll eventually wean myself off them, but that's something for the future (yes, another thing for the future lol)

Yoga - and a vigorous session too

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Curried eggs in lettuce wraps (the equivalent of around 3-4eggs) eaten throughout the day - homemade
Protein drink
Leek and parsnip soup - homemade

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