Monday, September 5, 2011

Grumpy Day

Boy was I grumpy today! Not sure what set it off (probably TOM) but everything has been irritating me. Every time I got on the phone today, I got into a tiff with someone. Thankfully they were all call centre people and I will never see them in real life (sorry to you, if you were one of them!). lol

What a rush after work as well! So here I am, already irritable, and then my eyelash extension place called me to move my appointment to 2pm tomorrow. I work business hours so this was hard for me and the only option I got was either to move it, or lose the appointment.

So I had to move my eyelash tinting appointment (which I usually have right before getting my lash extensions in case it takes some lashes with it) to today between finishing work and getting to my bootcamp-style class at the gym at 6.30pm. Phew! Got it all done though... of course. You didn't doubt me, did you? ;)

Anyway, today is my final day of sugar I've decided so I'm finishing it off and going to be sugar- and grain-free from tomorrow.

I'll weigh in tomorrow and let you know my starting statistics.

Today I ate:
1/2 protein drink
Black forest chocolate - the whole block over the day
Twirl chocolate bar
Beef satay with rice (one serve at lunch and the rest for dinner)
Cherry Ripe
Boost sticks bar
Handful or more of Jelly Bellies

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