Sunday, September 4, 2011


I drove a friend of mine to see a psychic today. She was based in a town an hour or more from here. It was actually really fun, we went out for a big breakfast after (as you can see below).

I'm not sure if I believe in psychics, because I'm really not sure they can predict the future. I mean, how can one do that? I can understand that if you're a sensitive person, you could pick up on the energies of things past, but things that haven't happened yet??

All the same, I went and saw this same psychic a few weeks ago and everything she said would happen has happened so far. I did end up tripping and hurting my ankle, my cat did get in a fight and cut her eye, and I will be changing to another position within the same company towards the end of this year. So... I guess I can be swayed to somewhat believe, even if I don't quite understand.

Sadly she also said that I will struggle with my weight throughout my life, because it's my "barrier" from the world. So I've started going to a meditation group to see if I can somehow break down this barrier and let my true self shine through. I'll keep you posted on my progress, if there is any :)

Today I ate:
Big breakfast - one piece of toast, scrambled eggs, piece of bacon, two small sausages, homemade baked beans, sauted mushrooms.
One piece of toast with peanut butter.
Two cups of milk with honey.
Handful of Jelly Bellies.
Serving of homemade (by me!) lc shepherd's pie (yum!!)
Chocolate coated nougat bar.

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