Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today was a SUCCESSFUL day!!!

I was wrapped up in nerves for much of the day. I had seeeerious cravings for Supreme Cheese Doritos. I mean seeeeeeeeeeerious.

But, I resisted. And I am better for it. I don't need that junk. What positive thing has it ever done for me?

That's only one of my successes today though... the other one is, I did my speech this evening and it went really well!

My gauge to indicate whether or not one's speech went over well, is if people are asking one about the CONTENT of the speech, in the intermission or at the end of the day. And so many people did!!

I also got lots of compliments about it being a great speech, and that I obviously put a lot of time and research into it - which I did. Two months' worth. But, I think talking about the content of my speech is what really puts it over the line to me. Because then I know they are listening to me, not analysing my presentation skills.


Thanks for sharing this success with me today :)

None, other than pacing up and down every corridor I could find today

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Rest of yesterday's stir fry which was a mix of veggies (cabbage, green beans, mushrooms) with chopped prociutto & bacon, and a touch of soy sauce - I had these left overs mostly at lunch and then the small remainder at dinner
I also had a glass of white wine to calm my nerves.

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