Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whisk(e)y tasting

I went whisky tasting today. It was so much fun! It was a course where they taught us the differences between casks and how those differences influence what the whisy tastes like - eg. the casks previously held sherry or bourbon (and they are now storing scotch), etc.

Whisky is zero carb! Just so you know ;)
It does interrupt weight loss, but it wont make you gain any of the weight back like liqueurs and other alcohols can.

I've been youtubing and googling whisky tasting since I got home and a whole world is opening up for me.

I've always been a whisky appreciator, but I thought we didn't really exist. Maybe in Scotland or something, but not here. There are gazillions of wine tasting tours but whisky tasting is just unheard of. Or so I thought....

There are heaps of youtube videos, including Australian ones, and they are really good and welcoming to beginners like myself. It's not all stuffy and cliquey which was something I thought it might be. Woohoo!!

I'm considering joining up to the Whisky Club. You get a new bottle each month of something new. They tell you before you receive it what it is, so you can decide against receiving it if you like, but they also include a bit of an educational with each bottle. I'd have to share the bottle, no way would I drink anything close to a bottle a month. Perhaps a 1/4 bottle or less. Thankfully I have a fellow whisky appreciator so I'll see if he wants to split the bottles with me :)

So that's my news. I'm completely excited about this.

OH I almost forgot to add... I was worried at first about drinking scotch by itself. I know other people that can do this, but I'm not so good at it. Shock, horror, it turns out if you get a really good quality one it's quite easy. Who would have thought? hehehe

Exercise today:

Today I ate:
Omelette made out of leftover veggies from yesterday and leftover chicken kebab meat from dinner the day before (2 serves a few hours apart)
Whisky MmmmMmmMmmm .... approx 4-5shot glasses in total (each tasting is called a 'Dram')
Mixed chicken and lamb kebab meat with salad

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