Sunday, September 11, 2011

Domestic Day

Today has been a domestic day. Full of cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. I feel muuuuuuch better.

I was just going to cook a curried tuna lasagne using zucchini slices instead of pasta sheets. Then while I was at the supermarket I saw the ingredients for leek and parsnip soup and then when I had leftover zucchini and tuna from the lasagne, I added some eggs and herbs and have a tuna and zucchini quiche as well. Win!

My only step back is that I honestly don't feel like I'm any sort of diet. Eating is great! But the downside of that is I don't always have my guard up. What does that mean? It means the curried tuna lasagne has flour in it. I completely forgot that I should be substituting xanthan gum for the thickening aspect that recipes use flour for. So, over two lasagnes there are four tablespoons of flour in it.

I'm not going to beat myself up over it, and I'm not going to avoid eating it. I'm going to accept that I'm having about 1/3 tablespoons of flour in each serving. I'm eating it. I'll just have to remember next time (this recipe is definitely going to be repeated).


Today I ate:
Leftover chicken and prawn curry
Leek and parsnip soup
Curried tuna lasagne
Boiled broccoli on the side for dinner

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