Monday, September 26, 2011

Public speaking and nerves

Well it was a typical Monday today. Everything was much the same, except for the fact I spent the majority of the night rehearsing my speech for tomorrow.

So nervous!

I practiced in front of a mirror this time, which is really useful to find something else to do with one's hands - other than to clasp them at the front, grip your notes or have them unnaturally sit completely still by your sides.

What else does this sort of thing bring up though? For those of us with a decent amount (or even a little) of weight to lose??? The fact that we have to over-emphasise some of our gestures, so they can be clearly seen.

I noticed that some of my gestures, while they feel like a decent movement, can't be seen so well past my stomach or my flabby arms. I don't mean that in a depreciating kind of way, but it's a visual fact. If you only move your arms a short distance away from you, the audience may not see it because they can't see the background between you and your arm.

So, yet another reason to keep me going! My presentations will be better :)

Kinesis - and a hard slog today too!

Today I ate:
Protein drink
Zucchini, pork and pesto bake
Stir fried veggies with prociutto and bacon

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