Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well I saw two very disturbing movies today - both disturbing for their own reasons.

First I saw Hobo With a Shotgun, a typical slasher film (though admittedly higher quality than your standard b-grade) and the The Room, a film that came with an instruction sheet and free plastic spoons. Hmmmm...

I recommend both of these :)

On the weight loss front, I've noticed my pee smells different. I'm going to say it's a good thing, because it means I am changing my body. Yay!

Today I ate:
Bacon and eggs with tomato
Chilli con carne with bacon and cheese (made for my by my lovely fiance, he had his with rice)
And diet coke - I don't usually mention beverages here, but I don't usually drink diet soft drinks either. It's usually either water, tea or coffee. But the movies didn't finish until 1am so I needed the soft drink to keep me awake. Boy did I make tons of trips to the loo!!

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