Wednesday, September 28, 2011


OK so today was weigh in day. I sat for a few seconds before getting on the scales, mentally preparing for the possibility that the number might be disappointing.

I slowly stepped on those scales, one foot, then the other. Waited a couple of seconds for the number to stop flicking. And there it was.... 96.9kgs!

That's a decent loss!!!

I'm so ecstatic about it today!

So the rest of the day was pretty good. A slight hiccup was when I couldn't get home for dinner before I had to head to yoga. I ended up at a friend's for dinner instead. He was kind enough to offer to make something, so what would I like... would I like veggies cooked with rice in the rice cooker, or would I prefer noodles? Hmmm...

And I feel like a stick in the mud if I mention any dietary stuff.

So I looked in the fridge, I saw diced bacon, found the eggs, found some veggies and onion, and ... success! I had a make-do lc meal :)


Today I ate:
1/2 Protein drink
Zucchini, pork and pesto bake
Egg, bacon and veggie scramble

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