Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yep, the whoosh is confirmed

I am down another 700g this week. I'm super super happy with this progress! I came in at 85.5kgs this week.

I'm even happier because I had A BUNCH OF PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH.

Let's start with Friday - I completely forgot to pack my lunch for work. So I went to the charcoal chicken and ordered a chicken wrap. It's a quarter of chicken off the bone (I asked to keep the skin but no stuffing thanks), lettuce, tomato, processed cheese and mayo, all wrapped in flat bread. I also asked for them to separate the two layers of the flat bread, and I only ate one layer. Not perfect, but ok.

Then later Friday I realised it's so close to my birthday that I seriously have to send out invitations. But where do I tell people it's being held? It's off to the Entertainment Book so I can try out places quick smart! I tried out a nice pub on Saturday, but going at 3pm meant we only had a restricted menu to choose from. And none of the options were wheat-free! I was surprised. Usually there's a caesar in there somewhere. So, I had tempure battered fish with salad (left the chips on the plate). I picked off most of the batter, maybe about 2/3 and ate the rest. It was quite nice, but that's high carbs two days in a row. And we haven't even got onto Sunday yet!

So on Sunday I ask if my rellies want to go out (to try out another place for my bday of course) for a quick meal at a local restaurant. But they were restricted in food too, and we went at 5.30pm! So anyway, they only had coffee and cake. Seriously. That's it. They did give us a small thing of mixed stuff - some nuts with soy sticks, sultanas and whatever else. So out of the four of us, I only ordered a pot of tea. Then the pushing came. "Here, have some of my sticky date pudding. Go on.." No! "Look I can't eat this, so you eat it" No! Oh, what is it? Berry compote with heavy cream. Hmmm ok. I'll have some. So berry compote (three spoons which gave me a sugar high) with heavy cream, and I must have picked out every single peanut from the bowl of mix they gave us.

Then the evening, I already had a pre-planned trip to another restaurant with the parents. Little did I know the only options were Tapas and Paela. What is wrong with this? Well besides the fact that paela is a bit like a Spanish risotto, the problem with tapas is it's supposed to be shared. So I might order one that is fine for me to eat, the others ordered crumbed cheesy zucchini flowers and meatballs. I wasn't able to order more than one - garlic prawns with a lovely sauce that I'm sure was thickened with cornstarch. And then I spent the rest of the evening subtley trying to pick all the meat bits out of the paela. And that's hard on the others (we shared the paela) because it's like I'm taking all the good bits FROM them.

This was the hardest weeekend I think I've ever had. One of the things I like about eating this way is I usually find eating out super easy!! But not this time.

I was so worried about it, I weighed in on Monday morning. When the number was down by a few hundred grams (can't remember exactly - I'm not a morning person) my mind was put to rest. But I've still eaten super clean since Sunday.

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