Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixed Week

OK so it's been a very stressful week. Almost every aspect of my life is affected by stressed and I spent yesterday in tears. Not over any one thing, just everything. The straw that broke the camel's back is my car breaking down. By itself, not a tear-worthy event. On top of everything, very fitting.

I weighed in yesterday morning and had my first GAIN. I came in at 85.6kgs. I calibrated my scales the other day though, so it's possible they were under-reporting. Not sure. Who knows. Whatever.

So I had a BM last night (well overdue) and weighed in this morning, got a nice figure of 85.1kgs. So that's a nice half-kilo BM (TMI, I know!!)

So I'm back to being pretty happy. Everything else sucks, but keeping my eating in check and the weight loss coming is keeping my mind strong. I think that's a really big achievement! From someone who usually throws their hands up in the air and decideds that 'it's just not the right time to be trying to lose weight', I'm so absolutely determined to get down to 63kgs that I know I would actually be ADDING stress to my life if I threw in the towel, rather than making myself feel better.

To help with the cravings I've had this week due to TOM, I've been having SF jelly with heavy cream. Yum!

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