Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great weekend!

Well my birthday went off fantastic on Saturday. I could have made just one improvement, and that would be not to have a stupid red eye develop in the morning of and last until the following morning :(

... the only thing I can't fix, is a red eye (that's not caused by being dry, so drops don't help)...

But other than that, a fantastic night. I thought I looked pretty spesh and I got compliments all night. I bought myself a pair of jeans and a night grey print top with dimontes. I felt great.

I also bought myself the best cake I could find myself. One of my presents to myself is buying a cake that I really like, I'm sick of average cakes. How many average-tasting cakes do we eat just because? So I splashed out... way over $100 ... eek!

So the update since my big day is that I've lost a bit of drive to lose weight. I mean it's still there, but I've found I'm having a few junk food days. I will be having a family birthday celebration (last weekend was for friends only) this Sunday and I've found that I am eating junk food until that time. Not sure why, just am.

In analysing myself, I'm thinking it might be that I don't want to be too slim at the family gathering or it'll just attract too many unwanted comments. So that's my best guess at the moment. It's also TOM and the cravings are strong (though I'm pretty good at resisting cravings). I've had the sads recently too. I'm sad about my birthday (although very excited about the celebrations) and a whole bunch of other stupid stuff in my life.

I'm keeping strong in my mind that I have to get back on track solidly quick smart. There are health implications, there is the work it'll take to get the weight back off, and most of all the peer-pressure aspect - the fact that people will be able to notice the weight gain after a while and I don't want people to see that.

I weighed in at 86.2kgs this morning (roughly 3kg gain in three days. Ha!)

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