Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Update

83.9kg!! That's my weigh in result for today!! I know it's a day late and should have been yesterday, but I forgot all about it and had breakfast before weighing in yesterday.

It's good news for a stressful week.

I've been getting a bit bored of the foods I'm making, so I haven't properly made my lunches for work.

So Friday I bought a chicken wrap - carbs in the wrap (I ask them to halve it), the processed cheese and the mayo), Saturday my bf cooked: sausages baked with curry paste and mashed potato. I got him to swap the mashed potato for mashed cauliflower. Carbs in the sausages. Monday I had no lunch at all to take to work - I went to the cafe at work and the options were a variety of sandwiches, bagels, sweet slices, etc. I was shocked. I'm actually pretty confident that I can find a low-ish carb option anywhere. I settled on a slice of spinach frittata, knowing it's likely they would have mixed flour in. Once I ate it, I found it had chunks of potato in it as well. :( I picked a few of them out but couldn't pick them all out - they were small and I would have been left hungry without lunch.

That aside, I was talking with the bf on the weekend about which image to put on my fb event. I thought I should put a pic of myself in the background (make it more personal). I took my current profile pic and was working on it, I asked my bf for my opinion. He said (as tactfully as he could) that he's never really liked that pic of me. I asked why, I thought it looked fine. He just said he doesn't think it's the best one of me. We started going through other pics of me to find one that would be better, and all the ones he picked out were 5 years old when I was at my 63kg goal weight. Then he added an off-hand comment that when he had a couple of overseas friends over (that I didn't actually meet because they were only here a couple of days and I was working) he showed them those photos so they knew what I looked like. The 5 year old ones. :(

I haven't been eating properly yesterday or the day before.

Only yesterday evening when my stomach was growling, did I put the two together. I think I'm not eating properly (which means skipping meals) because of those comments.....

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