Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still kicking

Well I'm still here, still kicking. I've spent the last two months undoing a bunch of my good work, but I'm here to undo the undoing ;)

I came in at 92.7kgs this morning.

Today I've been eating ok, the cravings are HUGE though. And you know the worst thing about them? I'm having such a hard time telling the difference between carb cravings and genuine hunger. Life update - I enrolled in a double diploma so got a bit on my plate with that, meeting with builders to get my house built, and I also got the VPE role with Toastmasters. So I'm busy as!!

Also, I have no money, so I've challenged myself not to spend any money this month. It's not working very well - in the day two days I've got the water bill, I apparently need four new tyres (had a flat) and engineering for the house I'm trying to build. It sucks. I've cancelled my grooming appointments (spray tans, etc) and am beating myself up that I didn't give myself this challenge earlier.

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