Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 1

So it's started. I've had a good breakfast of curried eggs with sour cream. It's only 8.52am and I'm already experiencing carb cravings.

I don't mind experiencing cravings, because I figure I have to pay a price for eating badly, and this is one of them (others would be being fat and diminishing the health of my body).

I weighed in at 97.7kgs this morning. At least I'm not over 100kgs.
I noticed my weigh-in in January was just over 90kgs so I'm going to focus on getting back to that as my mini-goal.
It's going to be tough, I have lunch with the girls on Saturday and a big function on Tuesday and those are often reason enough for me to put off starting healthy eating. But that really is ridiculous. I can either work around it for that day, or sacrifice one meal. Either way getting started now is better than putting it off.

Oh I didn't tell you I went shopping on Monday with a personal stylist! I have never had a personal stylist before, but I totally need one. Shopping has never been a favourite pass-time for me. I was a little put off by the fact that the stylist said I should have given prior notice about my size before we embarked on our shopping trip.

... I know I'm heavy but I must be compact because I don't need to shop in plus-size stores...
The stylist was plus-size herself (and looked absolutely amazing!) so I guess I can cut her some slack on her comment.
It still rings in my mind though.

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