Thursday, September 27, 2012


So I kinda weighed in last week ... I forgot completely on both Wed and Thur so I weighed in on Friday but it was after I'd got dressed for work and I didn't have time to change.

So that weight came in at 95.7kgs (which you may remember is the same as last week).

I spent the whole weekend and the start of this week seriously down about it. There were other stressors in my life as well, but still.

I was catered for and had little choice about my food choices on both Thur and Friy. By Tues the cravings had got to me and I was just upset that I wasn't losing weight.

I really really really want/need to!! OMG I seriously do.

I think I'm slowly coming to realise just how big I am

Oh another compounding factor is Monday I received some clothed I'd bought offline and they made me look even more humungous.

I really am big.

I had no idea.

So Tuesday I had four saladas with peanut butter and butter.

I knew I was emotionally eating but when you don't think eating well is getting  you anywhere, where does the resolve come from?

Anyway Wed morning I weighed in at 94.3kgs.

I'm feeling better and able to keep my resolve.

I still feel at a complete loss about how to get this weight off if eating healthy isn't doing it (probably my yo-yo'ing in the past has caused some metabolic damage).

Anyway, I'm on plan.

I feel huge, my clothes are tight and I'm getting bouts of nausea.

No, I'm not pregnant (I wish I were).

I don't know what's causing the nausea.

Maybe I have worms?

Anyway that's the update. I'm upset my online purchases turned to sh** (including the shoes because the eBay seller says it's my fault she didn't get her sizes right) and I'm upset I'm still fat.

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