Monday, September 15, 2014


Well I've given up thinking that there's the slightest chance I'll regularly update this page. Clearly regular updates are not my thing. The current update is that I've been pregnant and had a daughter since my last update. She's gorgeous. While I haven't been dieting, I've been using low carb principles to help me through. My OB was very impressed with my health the entire pregnancy (I'm still overweight) and baby is very healthy. She's strong and developing well. :) I also only gained a couple of kilos throughout the pregnancy and now that baby is a month old, I'm already back to my regular weight. Would, of course, be nicer if I were a 'healthy' BMI, but I guess that's still to come... Note: That is a stock photo I've used, that is not my bubs. I'm still in two minds about how public I want photos of her to be.


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