Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Steps

I will probably sound like a broken record with my use of the phrase "baby steps" but you'll have to get used to it. It's one of the hardest parts of this for me and I need to constantly remind myself of it.

I struggle against an innate desire to either be perfect or not try at all (I'm sure I'm not the only one!). And that isn't sustainable. I'll also set myself up for failure if I change 100% of things at the start.

So... these are a few of the ways I plan to address this (beware: work in progress!)
* I'm not going to monitor my coffee or tea consumption, not even the milk I put in them. That is something I see as a 'tweak' that I can work on after all of the big things are in swing :)
* I'm not going to set a time deadline for any kind of weight loss goal.
* I'm going to have a mixture of home-cooked meals and packaged foods ...because for some absurd reason I enjoy eating things out of packets hahaha

I did Yoga today - sadly it was the last class with my fav yoga instructor. He will be in the US from this weekend for three weeks and then embarks on a dancing production that is touring all over Australia. Sad day.

I haven't gained anything by staying fat today, except the knowledge that when it is really busy, I have only slight cravings for crap foods. This really is a mental thing for me.

I ate today:
1/2 protein drink
Beef satay with fried rice (half of the serving)
Slice of caramel cheesecake
Chicken rogan josh slice w salad

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