Saturday, August 27, 2011

Out with friends

Had a great night out tonight with friends tonight :)

One of the things that I find very difficult to juggle when trying to lose weight is going out with friends. And not just going to restaurants, because you can always find something, even if you need to order things on the side... although last night the options were pastry dumplings of different types or rice. But I'm also talking about 'out'. Out drinking and dancing.

It can be really hard to juggle and at the moment I know I can just say 'yes' at the drop of a hat and have no problems. I guess I will keep having to say 'yes' (to keep my happiness in check lol) but accept that weight loss will be taking a backseat for that time.

What do I definitely look forward to? - looking forward to not being the largest in my group of friends when we are out, and not having sore knees the day after because I've got so much weight on them all night.

Today I ate:
Hungry jacks burger and diet drink (only because they forgot the chips even though I ordered them)
Small handful of Jelly Bellies
A selection of mixed Vietnamese foods - rice with egg, prawn and spinach dumplings, vegetable buns, friend pork dumplings, some steamed greens
Quite a few glasses of alcohol

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