Sunday, August 28, 2011


What a lovely Sunday I had today. Well, it wasn't perfect, but it was pretty good.

The only blip in an otherwise fabulous day was my trip to Officeworks - I called them on Tuesday to askt ehm about printing and I told them what I planned. They said to bring it on a usb in excel format. Done. Except that I get there today, following their intructions and apparently excel is wrong, it needs to be in pdf format and sent me away. So another wasted day - I couldn't get home and back before they closed, I live too far - so home I go to edit it again. Though I get home and my computer wont save a pdf in A1 format. So, I'm going to go back there AGAIN tomorrow, WITH my laptop in case they say I have to edit something again.

I finished today off with a few movies with friends. :)

Today I ate:
Two pieces of toast with vegemite
Ravioli with bolognese sauce and cheese

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