Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changing the start date

OK so everything has collapsed around me and tomorrow I'm doing a double shift and tonight I had to do public speak until 10.30pm and my original start date of tomorrow has got off to a seriously bad start.

So, the start date is now 1st September. Which is a nice round number anyway.

Ohhhh did I mention that yesterday I bent over and tore MY FAVOURITE jeans?!! I'm completely devo. I wonder if they can be sewn....

My bf has put on the tiniest bit of weight since we got together all those years ago, and it doesn't bother me at all but it seems his friends and family pick on him about it. I'm sure they think it's just a joke and he's fine with it (he's quite blokey) but it seems to really get to him. Today he sent me a message while I was at work about being fat and therefore a waste of space. What do I do with something like that?

Anyway, today I ate:
Protein drink
Two rows of mint chocolate
Chicken wrap and some hot chips

I think I may be inadvertently losing weight recently - my meals (although still terrible) seem to resemble more whole foods with some chocolate, rather than more chocolate with only a small amount of proper foods. Good thing!

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