Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hopefully my thought for today isn't too controversial

Over the past few years I've been doing a good amount of reading and one of my favourite authors is Gary Taubes.

He put out Good Calories Bad Calories (GCBC) some years ago (2006??) which I bought - I got about 1/3 of the way through it though. I still intend to finish it...

More recently he put out Why We Get Fat which conveniently comes in audio format. I bought this and have listened to the whole thing. (Most likely there will never be an audio book of GCBC because it's such a thick book, but I would honestly pay a bom to get this book in audio)

One of the things I didn't think Taubes went into enough is the issue of why low fat diets work. I was on WW for 3 years and maintained a weight that's around 30kg less than I am now, with no problems whatsoever.

Obviously I wasn't the only person that thought this because I Googled his blog and found an article he wrote as a reply to all the questions on this very topic. It's a fantastic read and I seriously recommend everyone read the article in full. The part I took away from his blog post is that because low fat diets reduce overall grams of each type of nutrient, by definition they must also be low carb diets.

If a low fat dieter lowers their fat grams and raises their carb grams (because they are counting calories instead) then weight loss will be slower, but they will still lose weight because their carbs still wont reach the dizzy heights of their original high-everything diets.

I've been processing this way of looking at diets for some weeks now.

Today I saw a post on Twitter by someone I am pretty sure is Anorexic. It got me to thinking...

Do you think that the reason there are more anorexics today isn't so much about peer pressure, as it is because weight is so hard to manage with a 'low fat mentality' that people resort to extremes in greater numbers?? So that means on the other hand, if maintaining a low weight were easy for people, they wouldn't be trying harder and harder to keep their weight down (which eventually leads to a disorder)??

Obviously this thought doesn't cover everyone - there are people that will go to extremes in all sorts of things - but do you think it could explain the increase?

Today I ate:
Protein drink
The whole container (two serves) of beef satay with rice ... I think I was so hungry because I didn't have dinner last night and a light breakfast this morning...
1/2 block mint chocolate
1/3 bag of Doritos

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