Friday, August 26, 2011

Should I be focusing on Tues or Wed?

I will be starting the first day of my new eating habits this Wednesday 31/8. So, this raises the question, should I be focusing on Tuesday, which is the last day of my current habits, or Wednesday?

Thank goodness it's Friday, that's all I can say. What a huge week it has been! Full of yoga, seminars, meditation, blogging, working, chickens, cats, gym visits and late parcels from my online shopping. Phew! No wonder I'm tired!

Today I ate:
Lindt chocolate balls
Chicken and salad wrap
More Lindt chocolate balls
Chicken and pesto parcel with veggies

Looking forward tomorrow, I have a quick trip to drop someone off at the airport then coffee with awesome friends and then a birthday party in the evening. :)

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