Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Should I buy smaller clothes or not?

Sally the Psychic bought a dress that was 5 sizes too small for her, with the plan that she would be wearing it in three months time. She underwent bariatric surgery.

I don't plan to undergo any type of surgery, and I don't have five clothing sizes to lose, but it poses the question... do I buy 'dream clothes' for the future, or not?

Will it just be wasted money because by the time I can wear it, it will be out of fashion? Or does it actually help solidify the goal? After all, the goal really is more about being a smaller size than being a smaller number on scales.

This is the unanswerable question....

Exercise today - nil.
Today was a good day, just ridiculously busy. I felt rushed pretty much the whole way through, only home now at 10.30pm. Nothing went quite right today. I mean it wasn't a terrible day, but nothing went smoothly, everything had some problem I had to fix attached to it. I guess we all get days like those!

One of the girls at work is sadly leaving this Thursday so I started a collection for her. I have NO IDEA what to get her as a departing gift, and I'm the shopper for it. Fingers crossed !! :) Thanks

The only time today that I was reminded about my size is that my ankle is still sore - I hurt it 2 weeks ago and that was after it was already hurt. I think it would heal a lot quicker if I were lighter.... the poor thing.

I ate today:
Protein drink for breakfast*
1/2 pack of jaffas
2x tuna and crackers packs
small handful of Pringles chips
Medium db whopper with cheese meal with SF Coke
1/2 a Protein drink*

*the protein drinks I have are Labrada RTD in various flavours. Deeeelicious!! 40g protein!

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