Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another carby day

So today started off okay with my lc shepherd's pie for breakfast, but it went slightly downhill from there.

I went for my mani/pedi and didn't have enough time between that and going to a show with friends, to get home for another meal. So we ate out. Tried the cafes but their kitchens were closing. I had a choice between Hungry Jack's and coffee and cake.

I went with Hungry Jack's. I ordered a hamburger meal with diet Coke and gave the chips away. So I ended up with all of the carbs from the roll of the hamburger. Seriously not the most ideal thing, and I could have eaten around the roll, but it was what it was.

So yet another carby day :(

Today I ate:
Shepherd's pie
Bacon deluxe burger, diet coke
Coke Zero (felt sick after this much aspartame I tipped most of it down the toilet)

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