Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catch Up

OK so I'm doing it again - a blog post to catch up on a few days at a time. It's been an awesome past few days!

I've had people over or gone out every day since Thursday and it's been fun!

Unfortunately on Saturday my choice of dinner was to choose food from the pizza pasta restaurant, or eat by myself while everyone else was visiting for dinner. So I didn't opt for the latter option.

Steaks etc were out, so my only option was to get "chicken kickers" which are spicy chicken nuggets with sauce. Fortunately they are only lightly coated, not battered like standard chicken nuggets, and the sauce is ranch which hopefully is less carby than some other common sauces like BBQ. I did my best anyway.

Thursday I ate:
Protein drink
Egg scramble with onion & tomato

Friday I ate:
Protein drink
Indian - mix of Rogan Josh, Tika Masala and Chilli Chicken, and about 1/2 cup of saffron rice

Saturday I ate:
Leek and parsnip soup
Chicken kickers (lightly coated chicken spicy and dipped in ranch dressing) - Dominoes

Today I ate:
Egg scramble with onion, zucchini and sour cream
Taco mince with capsicum, cheese and sour cream
Strawberry milkshake - I used full cream milk (small glass), heavy cream and SF strawberry topping

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