Saturday, October 1, 2011


I am still experiencing cravings. They aren't so strong I can't overcome them. But they are still there. They are a mixture of physical cravings and just habitual cravings.

I'm a little bit worried that I haven't replaced my habits-no-longer with a substitute habit. Is it really necessary? For instance, I get into the car and on long drives, or after work on the way home, I would have a little something. But I'm simply not having that now.

Insanely I am still grabbing my bag at a red light and automatically searching through it for something to nibble on. Of course there is nothing in there though. So instead I have some water from my water bottle.

It keeps my hands busy, but doesn't solve the issue that I really want to snack on something. I'm usually hungry after work because I haven't eaten in 4-5hours, and I want something so I'm not famished when I get home. Famished = grabbing the first thing I can and not being able to make a good meal and eating it slowly so it can be savoured.

I like being able to savour my food though. I really don't enjoy shoveling food into my mouth because I'm starving. So I have something to help me...


Today I ate:
Shepherd's pie x 2

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