Sunday, October 16, 2011

OK What's Going On?!

OK so today started off well with a normal lc breakfast, but went off track a bit with the meal provided at the function I went to during the day.

Fortunately it was European, so the offerings were sauerkraut, sausages, gerkins and sour rye bread. But what oh why did I choose to have and eat the bread?

I know I'm completely in love with this kind of bread. But still, it's loaded with carbs. And with the last two days of imperfect eating, why???

And a few times I even had "forget about it, just have the cakes" .. there were cakes provided.

My resolve is slipping. :(

What is wrong and how do I get it back??

Today I ate:
Shepherd's pie - most of the bowl
Sauerkraut, two sausages, gerkins and a slice of sour rye bread
Rest of shepherd's pie

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