Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Following my heart

I still have the same feeling I did yesterday, about not doing with I am "supposed" to be doing.

I'm not living my life the way it should be lived. I'm not honouring what I know is right for myself.

So here are a few ideas off the top of my head (this list changes frequently), of what I should be doing with my life:
Studying more for a better job
Losing weight (though this is in progress)
Having a child
Getting married
Living in a house I own
Possibly becoming a bio sculpture nail person
Being a teacher of some sort
Living in a suburb that nourishes me

... I am supposed to be a teacher ... I am ... Of what? Where? How? Teaching has always scared me, but I think that's because I thought that job was always resigned to the school system. But it's not, education comes in many shapes and sizes... I need to look into this...

OMG I almost forgot the most exciting thing to report - it's Wednesday! Well, not just that, but it's weigh in day! I am down another 400g so my current weight is 96.5kg. It's not a huge loss, but I'm keeping myself in gear by reminding myself that a loss is a loss. I am still holding less fat on me now, than I did this time last week. Yay!


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Zucchini pesto sausage bake
Egg and veggie scramble

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