Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sorry everyone!

So sorry I've missed a couple of days in my posts, I've been sooooo busy!!

So, the news!

Well the only exciting thing really is that I have lost weight (yay!!) and I'm distracting myself from the hum-drum of things in my life that I can't change at the moment, by focusing on the possibility of becoming a nail tech. I don't know why I didn't think about doing this sooner. I've always experimented with different nail designs (no, not thick acrylic nails with animal print, I'm a little more subdued than that) ... so here goes!

I've got all the info I need on the introductory course and I will be signing up at the start of next year. In the mean time I will practice with some basics like filing etc.


And my weight? Well I slept in yesterday and dashed out the door to work so I didn't weigh in until this morning.... *drum roll* .... 95.6kgs!! Down 900g!

Originally I was 95.8kgs but I wasn't happy with that so a quick trip to the loo (only number ones lol) and it was down. I'm happy.

Tues - None
Wed - Gymstick
Thur - None

I ate:
Tues - Protein drink, sausage stroganoff, cooked onion, tomato and egg scramble, 2 tsp cream
Wed - 1/2 Protein drink, cream of mushroom soup, grilled cheese on salami
Thur - Bacon, eggs, tomato and sauted mushrooms (not homemade), chicken & prawn curry

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