Friday, October 14, 2011

Carby day

Another pretty good day today. I wasn't particularly focused on anything that I was supposed to do, I'm completely in holiday-mode.

I know I know I don't go away for another 7 weeks but I'm so ready already.

I also can't stop spending money. Somebody stop me! All the Christmas specials are out and I need to get my Christmas shopping done before my holiday (not that much of what I have bought so far is for anyone but me)...

Anyway, on the weight loss side. My pants are getting looser, they are actually hanging a bit lower on my hips, which also means they are hanging closer to the ground. I'm having to lift them off the floor sometimes. It's good though!

Yesterday was a bit of a carby day. That means I'm absolutely expecting (and prepared!) for the onslaught of carb thoughts and cravings over the next couple of days. Damn. Well, it's part of life, right? There is simply no reason I can't be stubborn and out-wait those cravings. I can do it!


Today I ate:
Protein drink
Chicken wrap - chicken (no stuffing), lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo in a wheat wrap - I tried to eat around the wrap at the top and the bottom but I ate the middle
Enchiladas - again I tried to eat around the corn wraps but I did end up eating most of it

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